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Finest Black Tea

Embrace the richest, most satisfying flavours you'll find

Black teas generally have stronger flavours than green tea, white tea or Oolong tea even though most teas all come from the same camellia sinensis plant.

Our collection of quality Black Teas are available as loose leaf or as tea bags. Generally stronger than other types of tea, Black Tea generally has distinct, full bodied & crisp flavours.
Black tea leaves are often used in popular tea blends such as English breakfast tea, as well as a base for a lot of the flavoured loose leaf tea.

Black tea is usually called red tea in China due to the lovely coppery-red colour of the tea once its brewed.

Benefit of Black tea - contains polyphenols, a type of antioxidant as well as caffeine and an amino acids. These can help to keep you alert and focused.

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All our black teas come with brewing guides on the label but for information on how to get the best from all our teas please download our 
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How to Make tea using Black Tea

Generally the more tea leaves used in the brewing process the stronger the tea will be. Another major factor in the taste and strength of your tea is the time that the tea is left to steep (brew). Ideally you want to time how long you leave the tea leaves to brew and then remove the tea from the pot or mug.

Benefits of Black Tea

There is much talk about the benefits of black tea where some are supported by science. A lot of the medical research into the health benefits of tea look at black tea consumption and investigate the effects of so many cups of black tea per day. Drinking regular cups of black tea may help prevent some medical conditions but caution is advised on the strength of the claims made.

Black tea tends to have a slightly higher caffeine content compared to the green and white teas.

The best advice is to drink a cup of black tea because you enjoy a good cup of tea rather than as a medicinal drink.

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