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Ceylon Tea

Ceylon loose leaf teas vary in flavour depending on the region in which they are grown, when they are picked and how the tea leaves are processed after picking. Each single estate produces its own unique flavour of loose tea.

The tea is know as Ceylon tea from back to its colonial days but comes from Sri Lanka who are one of the worlds most renown growers and exporters of quality tea. The climate on the mountainous island of Sri Lanka creates the ideal conditions for growing the Camellia Sinensis tea plant from which all the tea is produced.

The delicious Ceylon black teas produced have strong, rich flavours which vary from region to region. Some are fragrant with a citrus flavour other teas have a bright crisp strong flavour.

Ceylon tea is perfect as a tea to be drunk at any time of the day and can be drunk black or with a slice of lemon. Milk can be added if required.

If you want a bright lively black tea with great characteristics and a delicate flavour try our finest Ceylon tea.

Our Ceylon teas include Black Tea and Flavoured Tea

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