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Tea Caddies

A gorgeous high quality tea caddy is the staple of any tea lover's home. We stock the rare, traditional Black Japanese design Tea Caddies as well as many other stunning designs.

Browse Below our extensive range of Quality tea caddies to find the one for storing your loose tea. Some have a hinged lid others have an inner air tight slip lid. We also stock hermetically sealed tea caddies. They are all designed to keep you loose leaf tea in perfect condition.

If stored correctly tea can keep well for many months.

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We are a specialist loose leaf tea company so we understand how to handling and store tea to maintain it in perfect condition and retain is flavour. We therefore stock practical caddies which will be good for storing your tea rather than aesthetically pleasing caddies which will not store your tea in the best conditions.

It is important to store your loose leaf tea correctly to give you the best chance of maintaining the high quality of your tea. Tea should be stored in a cool dark environment to maintain its high quality.

A good tea caddy is important and is ideal for storage of tea. Make sure you store your tea in an airtight container – a tea tin is best. Do not use a plastic container as this will taint the tea and allow light onto the tea leaves spoiling the quality and flavour of your tea.

​Although tea feels dry, it contains 3 % moisture and oils that are essential to its produce its wonderful flavour. Keep your tea leaves in a fairly cool, dry place, which is out of sunlight.
If stored correctly tea can keep well for many months.

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