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Chinese Tea

Tea from China

Anyone who has an interest in tea will recognise the importance of Chinese Teas throughout many centuries. 

Until the 8th century all China teas were green teas but as they started to trade their loose leaf teas over further distances they found that the green tea spoiled. This led to the development of the loose leaf black china tea which lasted longer and travelled better.

Traditional Chinese Green tea and white tea (Pia mu tan) drinkers began to enjoy and expand the black teas from China until today we have a huge range of different  teas to choose from.

Chinese Oolong tea is a quality semi fermented loose leaf speciality tea which is produced in a different way to the other Chinese teas. We sell many different types with different flavours which you may like.

We have a selection of some of the best teas from China available for you to try.

Our collection of Chinese tea and blends containing Chinese tea, with many varieties of Black TeaGreen TeaWhite Tea Oolong TeaChai Tea & Flavoured Tea available as loose leaf tea or tea bags.

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