Earl Grey Light

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A light, aromatic, black tea. Our Earl Grey Light is a perfect light base for the addition of Bergamot Oil. This distinctive tea is very popular throughout the day.

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1.9kg - 4.9kg£5.75
4.9kg - 15kg£6.95
15kg - 25kg£8.95

About Earl Grey Light

Region: China
Taste: Light, aromatic flavours
Brewing Time: 3 - 5 minutes
Water Temperature: 100°c

Our Earl Grey Light is a blend of a black tea from China and Oil of Bergamot. This distinctive tea, whose smell is as fabulous as its taste, is very popular throughout the day. Ideal if you enjoy a lighter tea with your Oil of Bergamot. This tea is served in the world famous Pump Rooms in Bath.


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