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Tea Infusers

Fillable & Disposable Tea Bags

Fillable & Disposable Tea Bags


Tea infuser bags made from carefully selected raw materials that does not taint the tea. The fine pores of this taste free material allows for a perfect tea infusion.

About Tea Infusers

A good Tea Infuser will make you make your loose leaf pot of tea simple. To use loose leaf tea you will need a infuser or tea strainer to hold the tea leaves while the tea brews. We have tried many infusers over the years and really most do not work well.As your loose leaf tea steeps the leaves expand so any infuser needs to be big enough to accommodate the swollen leaves. This is the reason most loose leaf teas cannot be supplied as tea bags as the tea will burst the bag.A tea infuser is essential for brewing loose leaf tea - see our Tea Brewing Guide for more details.