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Green Tea

Wonderful aromas and fabulous flavours from around the world

Green Tea with Ginger & Apple

Green Tea with Ginger & Apple


A Fresh, aromatic, and sweet composition which has a lot to offer and is complimented by the delicate fruity sweetness of the blackberry leaves.

About Green Tea

We stock a range of green teas with wonderful aromas and fabulous flavours from around the world. Green tea has not been fermented which produces a paler, more delicate tea than black tea.Because green teas don't have such a strong flavour as black tea the green teas are perfect for adding flavour so you can enjoy some wonderful flavours with green tea making a perfect drink. Benefits of Green Tea There are many claims to the benefits of green tea.Green tea is said to boost metabolism which in turn can help to increase fat burn it also contains a natural antioxidant called Epigallocatechin Gallate.There are also claims that the bioactive compounds in green tea can help improve brain function.Our suggestion is to drink green tea because you enjoy it rather than for any perceived medical benefit.Try a new tea today and enjoy the benefits of drinking green tea.It is important NEVER to use boiling water with these teas as this will spoil the taste.Order today for same day dispatch.