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Best Loose Leaf Tea UK - Choose from Our High Grade Loose Tea Selections

Loose leaf tea in the UK,

despite having been less popular in past years, there has been a huge revival in loose leaf teas with more and more people rediscovering the fantastic flavours that loose leaf tea can provide.

You enjoy a good cup of fine tea so pamper yourself with the wonderful selection of teas that are available and enjoy the benefits of loose tea and make your tea drinking a great experience every time.

The tea selections available as loose leaf tea are vastly more than as tea bags. Available in loose tea is Black tea, White tea, Green tea and Oolong Tea (part black tea part green tea). If you don't use loose leaf teas you are missing out on a chance to experience and enjoy some wonderfully tasting teas.

A popular question, "is loose leaf tea better than tea bags"?

Tea produced for tea bags has to be a finer tea as it has to have room to swell in the confines of the bag. This does not mean that the tea needs to be of inferior quality but just a finer leaf. But you will certainly get a far larger range of teas available as loose leaf and most of the larger loose leaf teas cannot be put in a tea bag for the reason stated above, i.e. they will expand too much and burst the bag!

By using loose leaf tea you can control the amount of tea you want to use to suit your taste. We have suggestions for you on every packet but this is only a guide and you can adjust the amount of tea you use once you know how you like you tea.

Always adjust the amount of tea you use to make your perfect cup of tea rather than leave the tea to steep (brew) for longer. If you leave the tea to brew for longer it will just make it bitter to taste.

As opposed to tea bags - which are restricted to using smaller leaves - the large surface area of loose leaves which unravel in hot water allow far more intense infusions.

All you need is a good tea infuser or disposable tea bags and you can start enjoying some great tasting teas.

Here is a link to one of the best Tea Infusers we have available. Tea Infusers

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All our teas have a full description and brewing suggestions on every packet.

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