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Black Tea

Earl Grey Tea

19 reviews
Earl Grey Tea
Earl Grey Tea
Earl Grey Tea
Earl Grey Tea
Earl Grey Tea


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A perfect black base for the addition of genuine Bergamot Oil to make this a distinctive tea, whose smell is as fabulous as its taste.

3-5 mins

brewing time


water temperature

4-5 tsp.

tea per litre of water

About Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey Tea 

is made from a Kenya black tea & Sri Lanka / Ceylon Black tea blend. These two provide a perfect black base for the addition of genuine Bergamot Oil to make this a distinctive earl grey tea, whose smell is as fabulous as its taste.

You can enjoy your earl grey tea throughout the day and enjoy a strong tea with plenty of flavour.
Benefits of Earl grey teaoil of bergamot is said to help you relax and calm your mood.  Try this tea to help you unwind after a long hard day.

Try it with lemon or orange peel and get a whole new earl grey tea tasting experience.

We also supply our tea Earl grey as tea bags as well as earl grey loose tea. Try using about 2gm of loose leaf earl grey in you cup to produce a great infusion.

Does Earl Grey tea have Caffeine?

Like most black teas Earl Grey tea contains caffeine but if you prefer a caffeine free Earl Grey tea which has the taste of oil of bergamot we have a Rooibos with Earl grey

If you would like to try a different tea with bergamot oil which has had some wonderful reviews, we have a very popular Earl Grey with Blue corn flowers which we call Earl Grey Blue Lady.

Region: Kenya / Sri Lanka Blend
Taste: Strong, aromatic flavours
INGREDIENTS: 100% Black tea.

"I'd like to say thanks and congratulations for using real oil of bergamot in your teas and not an "artificial flavouring" or lemon, which many tea producers now seem to prefer."

To help you get the best from our tea, click here to download our FREE How to make tea guide

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