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Nettle Tea

Nettle Tea
Nettle Tea
Nettle Tea


Loose Leaf


100gMakes 40 cupsSample - 10g




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A freshly brewed Stinging Nettle Tea can be described as typically herbal with a slight sweet taste hint of spinach or seaweed.

10-12 mins

brewing time


water temperature

3-4 tsp.

tea per litre of water

About Nettle Tea

A freshly brewed Stinging Nettle Tea can be described as typically herbal with a slight sweet taste and hint of spinach or seaweed. Nettles tea is an organic caffeine free herbal tea which is thought by many to be the best herbal infusion for health and wellness.

This nettle leaf tea can be drunk on its own or added to other herbal blends we stock like raspberry leaves, peppermint herb, lemon verbena,

The stinging nettle itself is only one variety of the plant, which is collectively named "nettle plant". In Europe, approximately 45 sorts of this plant can be found.

INGREDIENTS: Cut Stinging Nettle Leaves
SUGGESTION: One heaped tablespoon per cup, add freshly drawn boiling water and infuse for 10 mins.

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